Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aura: It’s good to be on top

It seems like Aura has surprises up its sleeve...elevator shaft at every turn! If you haven’t yet seen the amazing lighting feature at the top of the building, make sure you take a trip to Yonge and College before it gets too cold to stroll!

We also want to tell you about the newly completed penthouse suite in the building. Located on the 79th floor of Aura, we can guarantee this suite will have you gazing at the lake for hours on end - the view is incredible. The beautiful suite comes fully furnished by Canderel’s very own interior designer Kathy Chow, who created a timeless yet modern space, perfect for an evening watching the stars. The concept of luxury living is further enhanced through the elegant finishes, layering of textures with occasional gold accents and a gallery of impressive artwork pieces that creates an ambiance of everlasting sophistication.

YC Condos: Construction is on its way!

YC Condos has been such a great success for Canderel! We sold out all of our suites and we’re well into construction. The hoarding has been installed along Yonge Street and we’ve dug down to the first level below grade. This means we are well on our way installing the tieback. After digging down to the first level below grade, we are well on our way with tieback installation. Tiebacks are an essential part of our shoring system. They are long horizontal steel rods drilled on an angle underground through the soil behind the underground parking walls. They provide stability and minimize the movement of the shoring system wall while the hole is being dug deeper and deeper into the ground.

DNA3: The hottest spot in town

If you haven’t had the chance to take a look at the amazing amenities at DNA3 in person, we must say that you’re missing out. It was such a great summer on our rooftop terrace with the BBQs, seating areas, and the awesome misting station, and now that summer is gone we’re looking forward to meeting you all in the rain room all winter.

We still have suites available for rent at DNA3 so if you’re interested, Jeff Train is the person to reach out to. (416) 543-1827

Tour Des Canadiens: Progress update

As many of you know, phase 2 of Tour Des Canadiens has been released and the only reason we were able to do that is because of the amazing success we had at Tour Des Canadiens. We began construction May 23rd , 2013 and the progress has been phenomenal. The concrete is fully poured up to the 50th floor and that means we have been able to begin work on the interior. The kitchens have been installed all the way up to the 15th floor and the counters are in up to the 12th. In the bathroom, the vanities are installed up to the 15th floor as well and the shower glass is right up behind it, complete up to the 14th floor. Another exciting feature of the building, the sports bar based in the building, is in the process of hand-over to the tenant! Although it's not open yet, it's amazing to see the progress we've made here.

Tour Des Canadiens Phase 2: A strong start

Our sales centre Grand Opening is on Saturday November 21st. Come check it out and hear about all of the amazing features you can find inside. To add to the excitement, Guy Lafleur will be at the sales centre on Sunday November 22nd signing autographs! This is such an amazing time for this project and we’re looking forward to all of the announcements to come. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It has been a great first summer at DNA3 with the incredible amenities being the highlight of the building's features. We designed our DNA3 amenities with our residents in mind, knowing that it would be used for social gatherings all year round. This summer we’ve seen so many of you enjoying our rooftop terrace for barbecues, late-night chats by the fire, and lounging out in the sun all day long and then cooling off under the misting station. If you live here, you know that our rooftop terrace is King West’s newest hotspot for residents and their friends. No other condo building offers as many amenities as we do!

Do you want to live in DNA3? We have some rental suites available! You can check them out on our rental page or contact Jeff Train at 416 543-1827.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It’s been almost nine months since we officially started construction and we’re so excited about our progress. Yonge Street is already looking so different with YC's construction and the transformation of this busy downtown corner.

After demolition and installation of the dewatering system, excavation is underway down to the first below-grade level. We’ll start to see the first level of tiebacks throughout the fall, which will later become the first level of our underground garage.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This amazing image, taken by James Bombales, has all the information you need about Aura’s lights which have been illuminating downtown Toronto for the entire summer. Now you’ll be able to see the incredible height of our building, no matter what time of day. We’ve seen so many photos shared on Twitter and Instagram from all over the city and they’re all amazing. We can tell the whole city is as excited as we are about the lights and we thank you for all the images and positive comments.

Those of you who already live in Aura know how great this summer has been on our outdoor terrace. We love seeing all of you mingling and enjoying every part of the terrace to its full potential - relaxing by our water display, lounging on the sofas by the fireplace, cooking on the barbecues, and hosting get-togethers with friends. If you haven’t gotten a chance to go and check it out, take full advantage of the last couple weeks of summer and spend some time out there!

If you’re interested in living at Aura we have 2 fully furnished stunning top floor penthouse suites left, all of them over 2000 square feet and located on the 79th floor. All three penthouses have spectacular views of the city, access to our unbelievable amenities like Hard Candy Fitness Toronto, and use of our amazing terrace, party rooms and other incredible amenities. Believe us when we say all your neighbours will be looking up to you. Our beautiful palaces in the heart of the Toronto skyline won’t be around for long so if you’re interested in a private tour, contact our new presentation centre! We are moving October 9 to Penthouse 7910 in Aura at 388 Yonge St., Toronto ON. Hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 12-6pm. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 12-5pm. Fridays by appointment only. Contact 416-962-8688

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You might be wondering what’s been going on at College Park these days, so we’ve got an update for you!

Later this year, the City of Toronto hopes to start a multi-million dollar revitalization of College Park's existing Barbara Ann Scott Park and its surrounding open space, approximately 0.75 hectares. College Park is located in the core of downtown Toronto surrounded by College St., Gerrard St., Bay St. and Yonge St. Plans for a beautiful and sustainable public open space is the main goal for this major park revitalization.

Canderel will be providing $3 million towards the redevelopment of this unique city park. We were informed a few months ago that the previously approved park design had been revisited by the city. A revised design with added scope has now been produced. We are currently waiting for decisions to be made by the City and its stakeholders regarding the reconstruction and redesign of the public space, and timing for the requisite re-tendering of some of the work. Once agreements are in place, construction on the park can begin. The first step is to replace the waterproofing materials of the parking garage that is situated underneath the park. Waterproofing the garage deck is an important first step that will play an important role in the longevity of the park. Construction of the new park will begin after the waterproofing stage. The Barbara Ann Scott ice rink is also getting a makeover. The city's revised design now includes a welcoming and vibrant new skating trail feature that will allow for leisurely public skating during the winter, and for lazy strolls along its tree-lined paths in the spring and summer seasons. This exciting new park is expected to be substantially complete by the Fall of 2016. Canderel is anxious and excited to finally be able to move this project forward towards completion, for the benefit of the College Park community and beyond.

Residents of Aura and future residents of YC Condos can look forward to enjoying their very own green space right in the heart of the city. As soon as we know more we’ll be sure to give another update.