Friday, January 06, 2017

Construction is well underway at YC Condos, they are currently pouring the 4th floor slab this week with verticals to 5th floor in the next week. You can track the progress on our live webcam.

Those of you on the ground will have experienced Alexa Phillips wonderful art installation, Pedestrians, that wraps around the site. Phillips’ piece examines the convergence between humans and technology. The artwork for the hoarding (the boards surrounding the construction site) was one of several submissions from students at the neighbouring Ryerson University. The YC team was excited to bring this unique piece that reflects our modern life and our local artists. 

The artist explains the piece in her artist’s statement:

“In the images, which are derived from 3D scans of real people, the alterations of the human form emphasize the abstraction imposed by the viewing mechanisms and platforms of machines, such as 3D scanners and mobile phones. The duplication of the figures emphasizes the homogenization of body language fostered by the mass adoption of mobile phones, while their unique coloration relates to the aesthetic appeal of new technologies.

The cheerful colours in the artworks would also enliven the surrounding area and draw attention to Canderel’s role as a community-builder and supporter of the arts. Placed on Yonge Street, Pedestrians would echo the behaviour of passersby, while Spectators on Grenville would turn the viewer into the subject of spectatorship.”

So next time you’re walking down Yonge or Grenville, strike a pose and snap a pic!