Monday, September 26, 2016

Canderel’s landmark King West project - DNA 3 (Downtowns's Next Address) - leaves you in awe with it's illuminating modern design, what is even more remarkable is how close the final product is to the original artist renderings. 


The building's unique exterior, a stunning contrast of the glowing white boxes in a field of black glass, has made it’s way from the artist’s page to a real life structure. Architect Barry Graziani gave us some insight into his vision for this striking design.

We wanted this liveliness of the building to continue throughout the day and night. Recognizing the vibrancy of King Street, we chose to illuminate the boxes on the King Street facade. This maintains the distinctive appearance of DNA 3 at night. It also adds a level of excitement and energy to the pedestrian realm along this portion of the street. The lighting accentuates the distinct design of DNA 3 that is experienced by day into the evening hours.

Take a look at this set of comparisons, as well as some recent photos of the immaculate interiors fashioned by Ciccone Simone. DNA3 is located at 1030 King St. West, minutes away from Toronto's downtown core. Representing urban living at its best, its amenities include an outdoor terrace space, sundeck and misting stations, private lounges and dining areas, a state of the art fitness facility, a relaxing yoga lounge, and a rooftop terrace.