Our Extended Team

KingSett Capital is Canada's leading private equity real estate business co-investing with pension fund and high net worth individual clients in real estate where active management can achieve premium risk weighted returns.

Over the past 10 years, KingSett has raised over $3 billion of equity to invest through its Growth Funds, Mortgage Funds and a Core Strategy Investment Fund, each with their own risk/return strategy, but collectively allows KingSett to respond to the full scope of real estate investment in Canada.

Founded in 1988, Tricon Capital Group (TSX: TCN) is one of North America’s leading residential real estate investment companies with approximately $1 billion of assets under management.

Tricon is focused on four major geographic markets in Canada (Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver) and six major geographic markets or regions in the United States ( Northern California; Southern California; Dallas and Houston, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Atlanta, Georgia; and South Florida).

Graziani + Corazza is a young, innovative architectural FIRM that combines architectural expertise with responsive and personal service. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for excellence, both within our industry and among our clients.

Reliance is one of the larger privately owned construction companies in North America, offering a full complement of services in all aspects of project planning, execution and delivery. Its accomplishments include office-towers, hotels, shopping centers, industrial complexes and advanced-technology facilities for manufacturing and health-care. Backed by unlimited bonding capacity, it builds without restriction for governments, institutions, manufacturers, retailers and developers. Most important, and a significant factor in the hundred-fold growth in business volume recorded over the past three decades, Reliance builds consistently to standards and schedules that are among the most demanding in the industry.